Occupy Toronto

The Occupy movement has come to Toronto and have settled down in St. James Park, not too far from my nec of the woods. I went by earlier this week to check out this new village

I liked the sign at the entrance. Which was surrounded by media vehicles to such a point it was difficult getting into the park

this was my first view of the tents and I hadn't expected there'd be so many

It was well-planned, there was even a medic tent


Creative people were making signs and let people know they could take whatever spoke to them

I like the sentiment

I get it. I really do. Sure, you can give in to cynicism and sneer at the hippie commune, making decisions by consensus, fighting capitalism and working towards an impossible utopia, but... the banks are making billions in profits and only give their customers 1% interest rate on their deposits, yet another luxury hotel is being built with suitess above it costing in the millions, 40-story condos are springing up everywhere you look - three are currently being built in my neighbourhood, with another one proposed and prices start at about $300K for what can best be described as a large walk-in closet. And sure, some affordable housing is being built, but not at the same rate and as far as I can tell, the gap between those who have money and those who don't have a lot of is widening and the so-called middle class is getting smaller and smaller.

So why not go out there and remind ourselves and each other that life is about more than money. That we are supposed to take care of each other. And that maybe if we did, the world would be a better place. Maybe this is not so much about fighting capitalism, but about fighting cynicism. And that can only be a good thing.