How Lucky Are You?

Sometime in the last month or so, I read some suggestions for writing exercises somewhere and this one struck me. Or maybe it was from Katie Couric’s book, I forget. Point is less about where I found it than the question itself:

How lucky are you?

Nifty question, innit? Since yesterday wasThanksgiving here in the not-so-frozen north it’s a natural one to post about.

I think I'm very lucky. I look around at my life and feel grateful for all that’s in it. I'm lucky that I have a wonderful family and am friends, genuine friends, with my mother and my sister. I am lucky that my family includes a number of chosen family members, such as John, Ken and Michele and her kids. I’m lucky that I get to be moster/aunt to two beautiful kids named Liam and Morgan. I’m lucky that I’ve found the love of my life and lucky that he’s head over heels with me, too. And the cat’s a pretty lucky find, too - her sweet goofiness makes me laugh every day.

I'm lucky where I live because Toronto has great summers and this year was amazing. I'm lucky that my neighbourhood is accessible pretty much everywhere, that even in the middle of downtown, it still has a unique character as a neighbourhood, one that's a bit like a small town. It values green spaces and blending income levels so some buildings are condos and some are affordable housing. I'm lucky that my neighbourhood is tolerant, not caring what colour, ability level or sexual orientation you are. I'm lucky that my province had enough sense to not vote in Hudak’s Conservatives and lucky that the people of Toronto have discovered their voice and are putting a leash on our mayor.

I'm lucky that I live in a place that has universal healthcare, funding sources to help pay for really, really expensive drugs and a government that funds attendant care through taxes. Without any of these, I would not be able to have my life. I am lucky that I have RA…

Yes I know. This lovely little post just came to a screeching halt for you, didn't it? But I am. Because without my RA I wouldn't be who I am, where I am, what I am or know the people that I do.

I am also lucky that someone invented Humira, without which I would probably feel a lot less lucky about having RA.

And I'm lucky that somebody invented the blog, because without it I would not have a job I love or know all the really cool people I do. I'm lucky that it every day, someone will leave comment on my blog even though they know they probably won't hear back from me and that's another way this blog community makes me feel lucky. Because I have friends who understand that I care about them even though I can't keep up an energetic – or much of any - correspondence.

And I'm lucky that the sun is shining, there's food in my fridge and my biggest problem today is that I have too much to do.

How lucky are you?