Energy and RA: Running Down & Making Choices

Running low on spoons is one thing. Running out is quite another. My new MyRACentral post looks more closely at where I've been in the past couple of weeks:

"Someone yanked my power cord.

It's the only way to describe it. About two weeks ago, my store of energy extinguished. Suddenly, randomly - or so it seemed at the time - and completely. I'm used to having lower energy levels than other people, manage them by various tricks, such as taking tim in the park with a book when the weather's nice and never missing the daily Mandatory Rest Period (a.k.a. nap). Most of the time, it gets me through and although I'm tired when I'm done with the day, exhaustion is rare. Pervasive exhaustion is… Well, I can't remember the last time I felt that way."

The rest of the post is here.