As Helpful as a Scout

After the rain eased off on Sunday and the sun started peeping out from behind the clouds, I shut down my computer, grabbed my iPod and headed for the park. On my way home, I took the long way, wandering through the neighborhood and enjoying the day.

I was headed towards an intersection behind a father on a walk with his baby in a stroller and was temporarily charmed by this display of gender equality. In one hand, he held a cigarette and in the other, an empty Starbucks cup from one of those mocha/latte/chino things and yet some house managed to propel the stroller along. As we passed a raised flower bed, he put the cup down, walked another couple of paces, turned and passing me, walked back in the direction from which he came. And as is where something snapped in me, causing me to become one of Those People.

"Excuse me," I sang out helpfully, nothing but joy and good cheer in my voice, "you forgot your cup!"

To his credit, he turned around again, picked up the cup and asked me if there was a garbage can around. I pointed out the large recycling containers from a local restaurant right behind him and figured I didn't need to mention the Starbucks he would be passing approximately 3 m/10 feet after that. Probably the Starbucks where he’d purchased his drink, but that seemed too obvious to mention.