Lucy Discovers Olives

Things were rather insane during May's Arthritis Awareness month activities at my workplace, but somehow my body cooperated remarkably well. In fact, early last week, I was remarking to my doctor. about how well I felt and how I was getting by on an astonishingly low amount of painkillers (it's amazing what adrenaline will do). Two days later, on May 31, the crash came. Apparently, my body saved up pain which it is now dishing out and I'm trying to take it easy. Hence, this is turning out to be a week of photos. Today is all about how Lucy discovered olives (and that area on her leg isn't from an IV - Miss Lucy chews off hair in certain places, either due to allergies or a bad habit. Not sure which).

On the most recent Boyfriend Weekend, The Boy and I wandered around the Market while we were hungry. This resulted in bringing home a number of interesting goodies, including kalamata olives. Which turned out to be the food equivalent of the Pied Piper. I missed the moment where Lucy was trying to open the container herself, but then the lid was removed by someone with opposable thumbs

and somehow, an olive appeared on the table

we watched as she chased it around for a while

Then Opposable Thumb Man took pity on the poor creature

and she was very happy

It wasn't just the brine that was enticing, a small piece of olive was gobbled up (small because I wouldn't allow her more)

and then, after all the excitement, she tucked herself in for a well-deserved nap