Dog Heaven

Woofstock wasthis past weekend and as usual, we immersed ourselves in the canine world.

This one believed in testing the water before drinking. Lucy often does the same thing.

One got an accidental mouthful while communing with its peeps

The fountain was a big hit. A Jack Russell jumped in over and over again to catch the bandana it wore around its neck.

Another liked the Woofstock-supplied duckies

There was basking 


And a Newfoundlander in mid-shake

If this one isn't named Scamp, there's no justice in the world


And a beauty one its way to somewhere with great determination

And I met Ferdinand up close and personal

Photo by David
And then, as we left to go home, we echoed the words of a little girl we'd overheard earlier in the day: "I have just exited dog heaven."