My inbox’s making me nervous. As is My List. And all the things that aren't on the immediate List, but on the Weekly List, not to mention the Monthly List and the second inbox. I don't know what compelled me to have two e-mail addresses, but they're both making me nervous and the idea of retiring to a cabin in the woods with no electricity is starting to seem really appealing.

Of course, then I remember that I use a power wheelchair and the shine goes off that idea.

By Tuesday afternoon, it had already been a long week and things have not improved. There have been several lengthy and intense meetings, all of which required follow-up with various communications and writings. Catching up with the work I didn't have time to do was also a priority and then there were a number of last-minute additions that I still haven't even touched.

The plan was to get the book club post on Abigail Adams written for today, but last night got consumed by unscheduled research. The new revised plan is to talk about Abigail next week.

I'm also trying to remember to be grateful for Humira which enables me to be so well that I can whine about being too busy. I've put it on my list for right after I collapse and take the weekend off. This latter activity will happen this afternoon at approximately 3:37 PM, after which I will pretend to be in a cabin in the woods with no electricity. A couple of days with pretend birdsong, the soothing sounds of a pretend stream gurgling meltwater, pretend smell of wood and unpolluted air and a very real good book for company should do the trick.

May your weekend be restful.


Kitten said…
someone needs to bundle you up and take you to the beach to listen to some waves.
Wren said…
Thanks for the peaceful weekend wish, Lene. Here's hoping that yours is even more restful, peaceful and renewing than you dare to wish for. Hugs!
AlisonH said…
There's a nap for that.
Cathy said…
A cabin with no electricity sounds wonderful, as long as someone else is keeping the cabin warm with a fire.  :)   Good luck with the busy schedule.  I know it overwhelmes me.