A Night at the Opera

A night out, my first time at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

To see one of my favourite operas
Fabulous staircase in the foyer
Everything is light and airy

 So light and airy, it felt as if we were floating
Watching everyone descend this staircase was amazing. It looked, as David said, like a waterfall of people



Colleen said…
Was there a convenient elevator for you?
Anonymous said…
There were several and they were all staffed by young and enthusiastic people. It was a thoroughly positive experience from start to finish.
Anonymous said…
Ho-lee cow. That staircase IS beautiful, but I remember a glass-bottomed overhead walkway on the top floor of the MOMA museum in San Francisco and suddenly realizing I was wearing a skirt and the people a floor below could look straight up it. Clearly, the designer was not female.

That, and, watch out for earthquakes.
Gaina said…
I do hope the fabulous staircase had an equally fabulous elevator to go with it! ;)
Cathy said…
Gorgeous photos Lene.