A Visit by the Queen

The Queen is visiting Canada these days and yesterday, she went to church in my neighbourhood. Naturally, we had to go up and take a gander. The Pride Parade was also happening in the city and we'd hope to get close enough to suggest then she grab a float and a super soaker. It would most assuredly have broken protocol, but might be more fun than what she usually gets to do...

We weren't the only ones by the church. There were bears

and naturally, corgis.

This was my view

But one of the benefits of having a tall (and dark and handsome, too) boyfriend is that you can hand him your camera. Which I naturally did.

The crowd could best be described as a melee.

Photo by David

I'd expected that at best, I'd catch a glimpse of her hat and by doing a royalty version of triangulation, in which I checked where all the cameras were pointed and zeroed in on the Mountie next to her, as well as the pink hat belonging to someone in charge of wrangling her flowers, I managed to do just that. The bright blue dot almost obscured by men in suits is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Well, her hat anyway.

Photo by David

the tall and clever boyfriend also managed to get a couple of photos of the unobscured royal.

Photo by David

And the Mountie. Can't forget the Mountie.

Photo by David


Squirrel said…
Haha hiya Lizzie, nice blue hat!

What do people think of the monarchy in Canada?  A lot of people here aren't fans of it at all, I think mostly because they spend a ridiculous amount of money.
Anonymous said…
Wow!  Her Majesty looks to be having a delightful time in Canada. Maybe that Mountie at her side is a nice change from the usual Beefeaters.
LynnM said…
That guest comment was from me.--LynnM
AlisonH said…
I love that smile in that last picture!
David said…
I think we Canadians consider the monarch a delightful anachronism for the most part. We don't take it too seriously and we don't get too bothered by the fact it still exists.

There are advantages to being tall. Being able to snap a few photos while in the crowd is one of them. It was an amazing scrum around her. Between the crowd, the security, the mountie, the people taking flowers from her as she received them, and the media taking pictures she must have felt surrounded. She seemed to take it with a smile.

Of course having been handed a camera that can zoom into the scrum and grab great photos helps as well.
Colleen said…
Hey, Linger is out!   And I'm off to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp tomorrow, by train....what could be better?  26 hours of travel, alone, after weeks of insanity (getting two kids off to their camp/trips, and then supervising the (minor) finger surgery due to a knife incident (stupid accident) 3000 miles away, and arranging for the early return of a now very very sad teen, and picking up said sad boy at the airport), now I get to go away.   Alone.   Did I stress the ALONE part?   And listen to Linger!!!!!

I love Jenna Lamia reading stories, based on her voice, I have also listened to The Help (before I knew it was the New Hot Title) and Saving Ce Ce Hunnicut and The Secret Life of Bees...I like her voice!  I like that Audible lets you search based on reader.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early on the train, I'm firing up Linger and starting a new shawl.
lene501 said…
Already? I thought it wasn't due until July 20? I'm re-reading Shiver to prepare and it's as good as I remembered.

Have a great time!
LynnM said…
Colleen, thanks for the heads up.  I've been meaning to read my daughter's copy of Shiver and with my one free audible audiobook voucher I just downloaded Linger so I can read Lene's review with experience of the book for a change!
JudithNYC said…
The Queen is in my city today but you know what they say about going out in the midday sun--only mad dogs and Englishmen and I am neither.

I hope we don't treat her to another blackout due to the electricity demand in this hellish heat wave.
Gaina said…
Ooooh, get me a mountie this minute! :-P O:-)

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