Random April

Settle in, people, this one's bloated…

Arizona has just passed a very interesting new law and it was almost enough to make me barf again (make sure you read the comments). Lindsay Lohan has fun with her own image and if you're going bald, have fun with it (no, there is no reasonable segue in any of this post so far, just take the whiplash as it comes). Amazing pictures from the Icelandic volcano eruption and tips on how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull. A woman takes defending her spouse to the nth degree and while we're talking about books, here's an article about the typo that pulped 1000 of ‘em. A fascinating article about Danish company that only hires artistic autistic people (Dragon misunderstanding - thanks LynnM for spotting it) , what happens when there's no support for those who are vulnerable (a.k.a. going to extremes to keep your roommate around), an evolving correspondence regarding permission seeks to an Easter play and if you can't let go of some bad memories, call Death Bear.

And speaking of politics - we were. Several sentences ago - Another Outspoken Female sent me this link about Australia's Dignity for Disability Party winning its first seat (I suspect there'll be a post coming down the line as I percolate on this some more) and while we're down under, Gill’s latest newsletter included a link to old surgical tools - not for the squeamish, yet incredibly fascinating and - again, no discernible segue, other than the Australian angle - WT’s Dirty River Dancing had me howling. Frida Writes send me cute videos of small and large dogs getting new boots, parenting suggestions and a novel use for a power chair (scroll down). and Janet sent me the accessible stairwell (yes, truly), as well as pixels and cartoon Tetris and the animated version.

John/TinkPapa contributed a rescued menagerie and absurd warning labels. LynnM of the comments contributed an article about how changes in language changed the name of a Canadian magazine, tree lobsters (don't ask, just click), strange spa treatments and back to the volcano, someone theorizing about the benefits of all that ash. She also sent an interesting op-ed piece about the other Catholicism and the Designing Women game (that one is hysterical and will suck up a significant amount of time). Trevor's contributions include the kind of sign that makes you go huh, the perfect comeback, a segment from Japanese television about how to introduce anger in the business card exchange and staying with the business card theme, a mind-boggling video of the Master of business card throwing (I had no idea it was a sport).

This month David shared the new design for the Edmonton Public Library card (I crave one), quack, why there'll never be a Smurf movie, a pictoral exploration of the trustworthiness of beards, the difference between nerd, dork and geek, more time machine ponderings and some heavy metal artwork. If you've ever taking pictures of your food, this article will make you feel much more normal, human Tetris, nature videos include a rather large snake and an octopus steals a camera and makes first film, just how quick (or how slow) can a 40-yard dash be and lastly, Ricky Gervais cracks up Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen (definitely NSFW - the name of that vodka, by the way, is the name of a Danish licorice),