Tinkified Christmas

As we walked down the street to my mother's, it was snowing. A quiet evening, crisp and cold, with gentle snow falling from the sky, leaving just enough of a covering on the ground to leave marks of shoes and tires. It was a movie Christmas moment, the kind of perfect that doesn't happen except in fiction. And then... it continued. Christmas is always somehow magic at my mother's but this year, it exceeded expectations. There was laughing and love and wonderful food and the kids were spectacularly well-behaved. And energetic.

As usual, Morgan's favourite was the cucumber salad and it was even more favourite because she and Michele fed it to each other (click to embiggen photos).

Michele was Tink Wrangler extraordinaire, teaching them the "criss-cross, applesauce" game, which they both took to with delight, testing it out on each other and the rest of us. Shiveries abounded.

And then she played horsie (gentle walking and out of control galloping). For a really long time. We're thinking of making a Tink Exercise video - great for leg muscles! Sold with icepacks and painkillers for the aftermath

There was singing. And Liam did interpretive dance.

Many, many excellent gifts

Novel use for bows down Ken's end

Janne's reaction to the Polly Pocket vet set (the wee vet wore Crocs!)

Morgan had her first encounter with bubblewrap and was entranced. David helped her burst a sheet

And lastly, my two favourite Tink pics of the evening. Morgan playing gatekeeper to the kitchen

And Liam at the end of the evening