Random December

The Copenhagen climate talks are over and there’s an excellent Seussian take on them. And speaking of Denmark, meet you at the airport? While we're traveling, consider this fascinating Spanish case of murder in which reality is stranger than fiction. And then there is the story of a novel approach to recruitment in the Church. The word of 2009 has been announced and according to this article about gender differences in shopping, I am extremely in touch with my male side.

From Ken, I'm reminded of why I miss Calvin and Hobbes. Gaina sent me the techno chicken (warning: it's hard not to watch 27 times in a row), Karin (I'm blonding out on your URL Karin - leave it in the comments, please?) linked to a fascinating movie about the story of stuff and mor sent a link to footage from 1927 London that made me want to time travel.

And while we're (sort of) in London, Trevor forwarded a charming picture from King’s Cross station, a rather brilliant little movie called Present Face to which you may relate after the season's festivities, a fantastic ice cream ad (not entirely safe for all audiences), one of the funniest (or scariest) autocompletes I've seen in a long time, links to two news stories of the kind that makes you shake your head: table sex and the police department branches out linguistically and if you're in the mood for having movie magic debunked, click here. Also, a new exhibit at the Zoo.

David started off in the natural world sending me this story about a leopard seal trying to help out a human, as well as this one that made me realize that octopuses (octopi?) have way more going on than you'd think. Google is at Pompei, Cuban cigar factory workers have a really good reason to go to work every day and while we are on the topic of books, a wonderful review of Going Rogue. For the low self-esteem days, check out Make Me Mighty. And lastly, two time suckers: first, Pretend Office. You have no idea. The explanation of the mailing list for Pretend Office and the archives for the mailing list. Start at the beginning. I'll see you in April. And second, the Continuity Game. Add that to Pretend Office and perhaps it will more be June by the time they pry you off the computer.


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