Tink 4th Birthday

Who'd have thunk that these wee babies would four years later become these lovely kids?

Sure, you expect them to grow, but never know how that growth is going to turn out. The Tinks are bright, creative, energetic, talkative (ok, that one's not so much a surprise given the rest of the family), loving kids who forever delight and challenge us all
to find reserves of energy we didn't know we had and depths of love that's forever getting deeper. They are a joy. And today, they are four years old.

Last weekend, we celebrated at a local restaurant, joined by longtime friends. Before everyone arrived, John/TinkPapa relaxed with (or was pinned down by) the kids

When I asked what they wanted for their birthday. Morgan said "a red present" and Liam " a blue present". So I got them each a locomotive i the appropriate colours and may never be as brilliant in their eyes again

Photo by Janne/TinkMama

Photo by Janne/TinkMama

As luck would have it, the restaurant had a window ledge that was a great train area. We even had a few crashes (it was awesome!)

The food was lovely, here demonstrated by the birthday girl - small girl, big burger.

And the frosting on the cake was equally lovely, here demonstrated by the birthday boy

Andrew and Holly came with their twins Ryan and Garrett, here telling me a story in perfect (and fast) unison

Claire, Janne's oldest friend from childhood, came with her kids Nicky, Kirsten and Marilynn

Happy birthday my lovies! Wishing you a bright future with more love than you can imagine.

And now - briefly - for something completely different. Some of my photos will be part of the City of Toronto's celebration of The International Day for People with Disabilities this Thursday, December 3, 9:30am-1:30pm at Variety Village.