Random November

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US - I imagine you're either reclined on the divan in a tryptophan haze or madly shopping. To aid in the general mood of relaxation/as a reward for successful bargain-hunting, herewith the link-o-rama for this month.

First, something flu-related. I've noticed a rather astonishing thing It has taken a month, max two to create a massive behavioral change here in Toronto. Prior to this year, most people would cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough with their hand, but after a fairly intense public health campaign, everyone now sneezes into their elbow. Brilliant. Social change in action.

The other day, I clicked on a link in an e-mail - some mass e-mail thing from a magazine holding a contest and you can't win if you don't enter, right? The link took me to Lampe Berge, some doodad to "purify the air in your home". I was naturally interested, what with the asthma and allergies, but after clicking around madly on their site for a while, as far as I can tell, this is not an air purification system, but about "home fragrance". Huh?? Your home has to have a fragrance now? Isn't there enough fragrance in the world? As someone - and my apologies for not remembering who - said in the comments not too long ago, why, oh why must there be so much fragrance in the world? People are already bathing in perfume - alas, no little to dab will do ya anymore - and our homes must be suffused, too? Have these people ever heard of opening a window??

At a while ago, I read an article in which our local fashion diva Jeanne Beker was consulted about jeans: "Beker suggested each woman should have about 15 to 20 pairs of jeans." Beg your pardon? I don't have 15 to 20 pairs of pants, let alone jeans. Not only do I not have the closet space - or the money - but it's jeans! I can imagine at most about five variations of jeans for different occasions in which jeans are appropriate attire and…. how on earth would you keep that many clothing options straight in your head? You'd need a database, filing system, something to be cross-referenced with tops and although the organizational organizational madwoman in me is itching to get on that, I think I'll just stay in my vastly unfashionable little world. It's easier here.

Links that I have sent myself: Craig Ferguson during a rather brilliant explanation of why everything sucks, some guy pulling a bus with his hair (ouch!), Marlee Matlin having an excellent time (link added - thanks Trevor), the Burj Dubai (makes me dizzy just watch that) and why don't we see politicians laughing like this anymore? Lastly, a really cool video of a huge swarm of birds somewhere in Denmark (when it’s that many, it's not a flock, it's a swarm).

From LynnM, the pitsli and stamen (not as dirty as it sounds) and essays musing on different kinds of afterlives (I can't decide which is my favourite).

Trevor sent me a news clipping about a guy in a wheelchair who went for quite a ride, another one about an interesting reason to be arrested and one of the better accessibility problems I've seen in a long time.

DavidG’s contribution this month include an exposé of how pumpkin pies are really made, a story about spectacled bears going hairless, water reflections to feed my obsession with same and to feed another obsession, a collection of big cat related items: an adorable baby tiger that gave me a flashback, a photo reminding us of how big they really get (is that an hors d'oeuvre or a 'yes, Mistress' moment?) and a new way to watch the animals in the zoo. And my favorites this month are Life Lessons from an Ad Man, an article about it just how smart dolphins are and Snookies. That last one is worth playing over and over and over again.