You Know Spring is Coming When…

Your neighbour gets the first bulb and flower catalogue of the year.

Shoestores are putting flip-flops in the window.

Each day features a sneezing fit of at least 10 sneezes in a row.

The windows are not frozen for a whole week.

Denmark and Victoria report snowdrops and crocuses.

Daytime Savings starts (although I still think it’s ridiculous to do this before the official first day of spring) and you know you'll spend the next week being bleary-eyed, missing that extra hour.

Some days, handknit socks are too warm.

There are tulips in the stores.

Birds twitter deliriously (so far, only observed once, but it was there!).

You start wondering if you’ll be able to fit into your summer clothes.

It’s too warm to snow, so instead of getting 30cm of snow, there’s all day rain of biblical proportions.

It’s still light outside when I make dinner.

Please add your own (for those coming out of summer, add whatever you like). Maybe if we try hard enough, it’ll come sooner?


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