Random March

Cindy B. posted a comment on the word post earlier this week - by the way, did I misplace all my punctuation in that? Here're the periods I forgot ........ - and it's perfection if you're a word geek. Save the Words. Heaven.

There's a study showing that sex as we know it – and fertilization – occurred much earlier than previously thought. In fossilized fish, no less. Before becoming fossilized, one assumes.

Portia de Rossi apologizes for marrying Ellen.

Looking for a new career? Are you neat and slightly anal-retentive? Check this one out. Sent to me by DavidG, who also sent me proof that the CN Tower is the 12th Cylon. And if anyone as much as thinks of muttering about anything that happened in all of Season 4 (I’m a season behind), I will… erm… will… avenge myself! That’s it, avenging. So don’t say anything. Please? (I know... I'm so scary) And this one. I don't know what to say. Utterly speechless.

From LynnM, a new take on crayon art.

From Trevor, Canadian Sex Acts, as mentioned on How I Met Your Mother. Take the time to check out all of 'em.

It’s a wonderful world. All together now: awwwwwww...

S/he’ll say anything you want. Seriously absorbing. Warning: you may lose a few days to playing with that.

And lastly, dogs. Mary sent me the clip of Bailey playing dead and extreme sheepherding. And then there's Bizkit the sleepwalking dog. No matter how many times I play that, I keep laughing.