A Revelation, A Question and A Winner

I had to get to 46 (see? No age-related issues now) before I realized I look good in a tiara. This could be important to know in case I become royalty at some point. Birthday lunch with mor, Michele and her wonderful "boys" - Scott on the left and Jason on the right (I held these two as newborns and am forever stunned by how tall they are now). Yes, I went out in public wearing a piece of Miss America-style head jewelry with two balloons trailing behind me. The best part was watching people trying to keep a straight face.

Is that what I think it is? Or is there a particular mechanical reason why a vehicle might require what appears to be a pair of massive golden, ornamental testicles to hang from its undercarriage??

Fpr those who're not believing their eyes, here's a close-up

And following the Testicle Act - now there's something you don't say every day - it's time to announce the winner of Thursday's contest. Loved all the stories of great birthdays - thanks for sharing them.

I asked Beth to select a number between 1 and 32. She told me she selected 23 because it - and I quote - "
is a number which is both prime and an inverse of the number highest to be picked, ergo the equivilant of 3 (from 1-4 - which is what people will most likely pick." I don't know what that means, although it yet again confirmed that the woman's way smarter than I am, but the important thing is that comment #23 won. Then I sat down to determined who left comment #23 and as Stephanie occasionally experiences, had a bit of trouble with the counting. I went through the blasted comment box 5 times before I had the same comment twice, which I took as confirmation that I'd hit the right one. The winner is Patti, in a comment educating me about the correct term for a much younger lover. Seems somehow fitting. A-hem. Congratulatiosn, Patti! Email me at landers5ATgmailDOTcom with your choice of print and address and I'll get right on that. Well, unless you choose the photo called The Old Woman and the Sea, then it might take a while....