Poul & Tink Weekend

My uncle Poul is here for his annual visit - well, we skipped last year due to mor (my mother) being busy healing broken ankles, so this visit is even more special. I hope that when I'm Poul's age (85), I'll be half as active and globetrotting. Come to think of it, being half as active and globetrotting as he is at my present age would be just fine! We've been having a grand time, but not much time for writing down words, so you'll have to settle for a visual report and Tink Fix for the Tink Freaks. Remember when they looked like this?

This weekend, the whole family got together. First, a badly edited video of lunch entertainment, starting with the door game mor and I taught the kids a month ago (much to the continued "delight" of their parents). Which made me wonder when we learn to suppress joy - watching the kids literally jump with it because a door opens was wonderful:

Poul and Michele

Hanging out on the roof garden at my mother's new place - mor, Ken and Poul.

Intense togetherness with TinkPapa and TinkMama (a.k.a. my sister Janne and brother-in-law John)

Photo by Michele

And ending with the two people who have a starring role in most of my photos from this weekend. First, Liam builds a rock garden. Soon after this photo was snapped, I heard him mutter to himself "I need a bigger rock!". He's such a boy. And rather brilliant. He found four rectangualr clay pieces and made first a caterpillar and then arranged them seemingly randomly and proclaimed it a flamingo. Which it was - one for head, two for body and one for the foot. Abstract, yet clear.

And Morgan caught in a rare moment of sitting still. I have rather a lot of photos of the girl's leg, back of her head or a hand, obtained while pointing the camera towards her doing something adorable, but by the time the shutter clicks, she's moved on. The personification of mercurial