A Smattering of Reality Shows

A little while ago, Allyson left a comment inquiring about when I was not going to post about reality shows. Well, ask and ye shall receive!

One of the reasons I've waited this long with this type of post is that I'm not watching a lot of TV these days, including reality shows. After the trainwreck (and not in an enjoyable way) that was last season of American Idol, I promised myself I wouldn't allow my life to be sucked into the black hole that is the Idol machine again and am so far sticking to it. However, on Allyson’s recommendation, I tuned in to Rock of Love last night. It sounds horrendous, yet compelling.

Survivor. It's Fans vs. Favorites and although I enjoy seeing some of the previous contestants back (Ozzy, Yauman, Jonathan and Cirie, in particular), in a situation like this, I tend to root for the people who haven't done this before. Except the tribe consisting of fans are a bunch of idiots. How many times must we say this: while you are still playing for immunity as a tribe, not individuals, do not get rid of the young, physically agile contestants (Mary or Chet? Not rocket science, this one - you're supposed to be fans! Have you even watched the show before?)! This early in the game, do not look to who might be a threat to you towards the end of the game, concentrate on getting past the merge. So being forced to pick my potential winner among the favorites, I'm hoping for a final three of Ozzy, Yauman and Cirie, and would be happy with any of them winning at this point. It's not going to happen (especially considering who got voted out last night – I’ll miss you, Yau), but it would’ve been cool.

Big brother. Big bother, to be frank. I have gleefully given over my summers to it for 8 years, dreamed about it, been completely obsessed to the point of spending too much time on the Internet reading about the "hamsters", and chased down people that I could talk to about it. Although I was a little leery of the winter version (normally, I need the nine to 10 months between seasons to recover), I was game, tuning in to the first episode, willing to suspend logic, taste and expectations of socially redeemable value. And I'm having trouble. You expect a certain level of dimwittedness and narcissism in a big brother contestant, but this season's contestants take the cake. They are vicious, stupid and possess no charm at all. Watching them flail about, making complete fools of themselves is not enjoyable, but excruciating and I don't think I'm going to last. There has been no strategizing that made any sort of sense, the couple that was supposed to be a secret spilled the beans within days, the woman partnered with the boyfriend of the couple is trying to get his girlfriend and her partner evicted, at apparently not realizing that there was a built-in alliance there (and I have no idea what the producers were smoking when they came out with that boneheaded idea about matching everyone into couples.). Coming off three increasingly compelling seasons, is a hard act to follow, I realize that. But this is the worst cast ever. Whiter, shinier and more empty brained that I've ever seen, watching them makes me feel like I need a shower.

To make me feel better, the new lineup for dancing with the stars just been announced - shall we have a moment of silence, mourning Maks' absence this season. And that this season not does not include Donny Osmond, who at the close of last year's season looked like he might sign up. He would have been fun.

Are you burning to discuss a reality show? Now’s your chance. Hold forth in the comments!