Random November

Or rather, November Link-O-Rama. Time to goof off!

But first, its time to yet again make fun of me.
After decades on miscellaneous painkillers, NSAIDs and disease modifying agents, my stomach is fucked, so for years, I've supplemented my prescription stomach meds with Gaviscon, which is like putting a blanket on a fire. And now the bastards have changed the formula. Well, the label says 'new look', but they've also added a mysterious "cooling action" and when I tried it, my head exploded from the intense peppermint and I fell the burn all the way down through my esophagus into my stomach. Where it proceeded to burn some more for awhile. Sorta counter-productive, y'know? So I hunted through the neighbourhood stores to find the old formula, as I wasn't in the mood to spend a lot of money experimenting with other antacids. Finally found some at Loblaw's and cleaned them out. Got some cat food while I was there and went to the cashier. You know that thing where you entertain yourself in the supermarket by checking out other people's carts and making up little stories about them based on what they're buying? I can't be the only person who does that, right? The entire time I was waiting for my turn, I was giggling about the image of "very stressed out catlady" portrayed by my six cans of cat food and seven bottles of Gaviscon.

And on to the links. First, there's the Bibleman action figure set. Because it’s never too early to give children “strategic insight for spiritual wargames”.

And if that’s not enough action for you, go here to fly – or in my case, repeatedly crash – a helicopter.

Found via Cognitive Crafter, amusement in the form of a “which celebrities do you look like?” game

Dakota Fanning???

Nifty instructions on everything under the sun. Like how to make liquid nitrogen icecream, a modular pie-cosahedron and building a Mongolian yurt. For starters.

In the latest ramping-up of hostilities between Stephanie and The Squirrels, I present this secret tape of a hidden training camp for the Rodent Special Commando Force.

A fantastic video from Kruger National Park, found at Dooce (she gets the best links). Watch all of it, you'll be amazed.

nd the best-ever idea on how to deal with telemarketers.