A Note on Calendars

There's a wee calendar over at the shop. Twelve of my favourite photos in a spiralbound wall calendar. Have a peek and feel free to tell me off in the comments for not selecting the ones you would have chosen!

Putting the calendar together was a surprisingly lengthy process, although highly enjoyable. Only minor clumps of hair was torn out. There's something soothing about puttering around with images, fitting them into nifty pages, re-doing several over and over again until they're just right. Almost as much fun as running The Harlot's life, although with less upfront whining and gnashing of teeth and no requirement at all for pretending to let the subject have a modicum of input (for the curious, wrangling of The Schedule has begun - it's way too early to know whether there'll be time for it all, but I suspect Madame has overestimated things. As usual. Next year, we start in October).

One note, though: due to a technical error, a redesign of January was needed. Allright, so the blasted thing looked completely different in my view than in the view of someone not-me and I only discovered this around midnight, Tuesday and this might have been where the tearing of hair took place. If you placed an order before that, let me know at landers5ATgmailDOTcom and I'll make sure you get a replacement.