Tink Fest

This weekend, we did the (somewhat delayed) family celebration of my birthday, attended by... well, family-type people. Based on the pictures I took, it appears that I was trying to document every single minute of the four-hour event in still photography. Most of The Tinks, but some of the rest of the crowd. As I don't yet have permission to share one of the attendees with the internet, you'll have to make do with largely Tink photos. I hope you can manage.

My lovies have discovered walking and didn't stop, moving very fast at all times. When I was little, my uncle Poul called me Krudtirøv (directly translated as gunpowder-in-arse - apparently, I moved with some speed) and these two proudly carry on the family tradition.

When not moving fast, they could be found levitating

And gently petting the plants.

They were much taken with the old rockingchair

And then there was the talking. Both are progressing with leaps and bounds, can count from 1-10 and are beginning to recognize letters. Liam is a little more quiet than Morgan, although this is quite possibly due to his sister not letting him get in a word edgewise, keeping a running commentary on any and all events. Here, she's telling me all about her lunch.

This is my favourite picture of Liam - it shows exactly who he is and what he'll look like when he grows up. Some day, I'll learn enough about Photoshop to get rid of the fuzziness - I don't even know if Photoshop could do that, but it seems to be capable of miraculous events, so I'm hoping. Yep, that's Ken knitting in the background.

And then there was the tissue paper game. First, one employs two toddlers to rip tissue paper into small pieces (not nearly as difficult as one might imagine). Second, one picks up an antique soldier's cooking pot, stuff the tissue paper in, upends the pot and watch said toddlers explode with delight. Over and over and over again.