Random September

The latest fashion weird – no-heel, suede boots (like Ugg and derivatives) with a little summer dress. Huh?? Isn't one of the delights of summer that you don't have to wear boots? And why on earth would you do something like that when it's hot?? Also, tubetops and variations on in the strapless top. Wasn’t that bad enough the first time around? Am I the only one who thinks whatever alleged hotness you achieve by wearing one such top is negated by constantly having to tug it up?

If you want to feel like an old, uncoordinated, total slacker – oh, and amazed - watch some sports acrobatics. Unbelievable, stunning, insane.

I'm very much looking forward to the new version of The Bionic Woman and will definitely check it out once it shows up on my television. Test your bionicness (if that's not a word, it should be) here. Apparently, I need a reinstall. And sort of related, Ting Lee over at TVGasm in the article on the new fall shows, predicts the show will last because “People love a deformed hot chick”. Works for me!

On the musical front, there was a reason anniversary of Elvis's death (wouldn't it be better to celebrate his birthday?). I found this and wholeheartedly agree with the writer that it very well may be "the hottest thing I've ever seen" (there might've been steam coming off my monitor). And Annie Lennox has a new single out called Dark Road - her voice and a piano. How simple. How radical.

Trevor sent me this excellent and very funny link to an explanation of the subliminal reassurances of procedurals.

Weird animals. Very weird animals. I think my favourite is the Aye-Aye. Or maybe the Star-nosed Mole. Although, the Axolotl is cute, too... What's yours?

Sometimes, I really, really miss Denmark.

If you haven't seen this latest excellent example of the gifts a good education can provide, watch it here.

And lastly, yet another silly test, supposedly measuring how dumb you are.

How smart are you?

Apparently, I'm a total geek, because after I took it, I wanted to sit down and have a serious conversation with its creator(s) regarding the multitude of studies should proving racial bias in IQ test, the difference between intelligence and being well informed and how I in general would have more faith in the validity of the test if it didn’t spell ‘independence’ wrong. And to prove the nerdiness, Willowtree very obligingly posted this link, which resulted in

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!


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