I want winds from the north, I want bluster and brrr. I want to wear a sweater, to feel my toes icy cold once more, to yearn for a thick bean soup, so see my breath hang frozen in the air for a moment as I exhale.

I know. I’m insane. It’s been only two weeks since I complained about autumn having arrived. But it didn’t, after all, arrive. Instead, summer came back with a vengeance – 38 (100.4F) with the humidex Tuesday – and the airconditioning is turned off. Because the City of Toronto Municipal Code requires landlords to provide heat between September 15 and June 1. Because this is Canada and September gets cold. Except, it hasn’t. Again. Come to think of it, it hasn’t for years. So we swelter and as the building warms up, holding in the heat, making it warmer inside than out, we swelter some more. No air comes through the windows, the fans can only do so much and I’ve barely seen my poor (longhaired) cat in days – she hides in the closets, where it’s a tad cooler. Unfortunately, my closets are too small for me to get in there.

They forecast more of this. At least a week more and I love the extended summer, I really do, but I hate that it’s making me long for cold. Which I do. Fervently.

And therefore, as my brain has melted out my ears, I am incapable of blogging, reduced to sitting and sweating.

Send cold thoughts.

p.s. and please welcome my mother back to the comments – she got sprung this week!