Random July

Quite some time ago, after having used a certain expletive in the post, a friend of mine told me that my chances of ever being deemed "family-friendly" had now gone the way of the dodo. So when I found a website where you can rate your blog, I was naturally all over that and yes, indeed - there is no G rating to be had. It seems to be based on the main page and can therefore fluctuate a bit. A couple weeks ago, The Seated View was rated R, earlier this week, it was PG (earned by one mention of the word “crap”).

Under the category of "compare and contrast". Willowtree illustrates an interesting dichotomy and in the New York Times, David Leonhardt puts together a shopping list of sorts.

I've just discovered Rare Bird Finds (which I found on a blog somewhere, although I can’t for the life of me remember where) – you subscribe by email and once a day, they send you a tip of where you can find funny and funky little doodads. Not always as useful as Cool Tools, but perfect for unusual gift ideas.

Nostalgic for the past? Missing those good old days? Now you can stay at a genuine replica of an East German hotel, complete with GDR furniture, portraits of various legendary leaders, etc. Personall;y, I’d abstain, seeing as I’ve already stayed in a genuine communist country hotel (remember Oskar?), but it sounds fun.

Various world statistics changing before your eyes.

Beautiful. Took a lot of paint. I’m so glad I wasn’t on the cleanup crew.

Via Ken, I discovered a test of your survival potential in case of a zombie attack. Based on this


I need to buy more canned goods.