Summer Obsession Update

I believe that I may be - knock wood - slowly emerging out from under last week's Cloud o’ Calamity. Last Monday's injury was only the beginning of the deluge (thank you very much for your good wishes), but after this weekend, I have some hope of things starting to turn around (knock wood - can't be said too much). However, things are going to be light and frothy around here this week, as I have placed myself on a rehabilitation schedule that a includes heavy doses of good novels, good movies/TV and very little seriousness. To that end, since there is only four weeks left, I figure it's time for a Big Brother All-Stars update.

There has been much complaining on the Internet about Kaysar’s strategy to get rid of the floaters. However, Season Six (S6) came into the house as the only large alliance and they couldn’t win no matter what they did. The fans keep saying how stupid they were not to get rid of Chilltown, but the moment they got rid of Will and Boogie, the float herd would align with each other and target Season Six. Nobody would be stupid enough to align with S6, as they would inevitably be a fifth wheel. Their only chance was to target the floaters, hoping to get rid of enough of them that no matter how many hooked up with Chilltown, they could outvote them. Which is impossible. I miss Kaysar. Sigh.

As for the remaining players:
Chicken George. It was nice to see him as Head of Household (HOH), although the twists and turns with James winning POV and Howie (???) being evicted were making me dizzy. Loved how he stood up for Janey and besides, you have to admite someone who’s willing to eat slop for 60 days.
Erika. Remind me again why she's there? And will someone feed her already?
Danielle. I would love to see her in the final three with Will and Janelle, the three best players in the house. However, she is not as good as she used to be or maybe it's the hiding in the background that I dislike. Come out swinging, stop hiding in the shadows!
James. Despite him being the Veto King, I hate his whiny little arse. Last week, he managed to blame Janelle and Howie for his nomination. Chicken George was told to nominate people on the spot. WTF?? He keeps hating on Kaysar and Janey for not getting rid of Chilltown and uses it as his excuse to betray their alliance. Apparently he has amnesia – wasn’t he HOH in week 2? And who did he nominate? He and the Danielle alliance are starting to rival last year’s Friendship for whininess, jealousy and Janelle bashing. Yuck.
. I think he's smarter than he appears on the show, but really? He’s sort of boring. Although, it should be said that one of this season’s most astounding bits of captured video involves Boogie hopping into Howie's “Jack Shack” and having a wank. While wearing his microphone pack. Perhaps he really isn't terribly smart. Maybe if you remove the headbands and armbands, his IQ would increase? I don't know why I clicked on the video - despite frantically shutting it down midstream, I've been wanting to gargle my ears with bleach since - but should you be in the mood for staring at your monitor in horrified fascination, click here (definitely not safe for work). (In all fairness, the contraption was apparently known as Howie’s Jack Shack last season, so I guess the only reason I'm not saying this about Howie, is that Youtube wasn't as prevalent last year - by the way, Youtube is an excellent source for captures from the live feeds)
Janelle. The tide is turning on the net for her, as it did for the rest of season six. I think the problem is that the underdog is always more interesting than the people in power. However, I still love her - she's incredible in competitions. Just look at how many HOHs and POVs she's had. She carried her alliance and repeatedly snatches herself from the maw of destruction. Wow.
Will. I didn’t like Will much in Season Two, although I admired his ability to manipulate. This time, he's making the season worth watching. He's funny, he's smart and he has successfully played everyone else in the house against each other, enabling Chilltown to stay off the block when everyone keeps talking about how they are the biggest threat. Masterful. Let's just give him the money already. Plus, he’s the only one who seems to get that this is a game and is having fun with it.

I considered getting the live feeds for the last month, but then got caught up in checking links to Yiutube that I found on the forums and lost an alarming amount of my life watching people sit around and talk. I clearly can't be trusted near a live feed, so I'll stick to obsessively checking the live feeds forums for new information.

And while I'm on the forums. It's clear that what's actually going on in the house is not what's been shown on CBS. I understand that a certain (a lot) amount of editing goes into creating a reality show, but honestly! This is ridiculous and very disappointing. I don't remember this happening last year. Maybe it is that All-Star shows never live up to the expectations - after all, most of the enjoyment in any reality show is watching people who don't know anything about each other finding out who they can trust and who they can’t. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying myself thoroughly.