Random August

A little while ago, I started reading a book highly recommended by a friend. I was having trouble – the narrator wasn’t very good. He was speaking way too fast which made it hard to follow the action. I couldn't understand why my friend loved this book (and the narrator) - it sounded awful to me. Then I accidentally discovered that an iPod has two speed settings – normal and fast. Somehow, I’d activated the faster one (remember, some days, I’m blonder than others). Which got me to thinking… if you listened to an abridged book on high speed, would you be able to read War & Peace in an afternoon?

According to an article in the New York Times, eyebrows are back! And for the women who have waxed and plucked thin lines to fit into last year’s fashion and who don’t want to wait until they grow out, there are solutions. You can get brow extensions (where tiny hairs are glued to each individual strand of brow hair) or! Brow prosthetics. Which as far as I can tell, are little toupees for your eyebrows...

I’ve discovered Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Munch’ems Bitesized Granola Snacks. Sounds all nutritious, right? Healthy. A good snack. Except… the second ingredient is sugar/glucose-fructose! Fer fuck’s sake! They are fairly yummy, though. In very small doses, to prevent sugar overload. Why is it that granola bars/products – supposedly the healthy alternative – are all so freakin’ sweet? And shall we talk about whole wheat bread and grain breads? And branflakes? The degree of sweet in these is just gross. I understand that a little bit of sugar/flavour is a good idea or bran can taste like you're chewing cardboard, but this much? Doesn’t that negate the healthy?

Cool site where you can make a map of countries you’ve visisted. Here’s mine:

Pluto is no longer a planet. This rocked my world and not in a good way. If something this known, this given, can be changed, what about the rest of it? It makes you aware of how arbitrary everything is.

And on that existential note, I’m clicking ‘Post’…