There is a block of cement in my head. Throbbing cement. Any minute now, my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets with enough force to smash into the livingroom wall and explode on impact.

Too graphic? So sorry. I’m battling a sinus infection and so far, the blasted thing is hard to dislodge.

I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself. Oh, hell. There's no 'kind of' about it. I've reached that pathetic whiny place you get to when you've been sick for what feels like years, so long that you've forgotten what 'healthy' feels like, lost your sense of humour and just want to curl up on the couch wrapped in a cozy blanket with lots of hot liquids, a good book and perhaps later, a decent movie that doesn't demand too much of you.

Blogging will resume once the cement has vacated and there’s room for my brain again. I'm hoping for Wednesday. In the meantime, I'll be mainlining vitamin C.