New Loves

Some people say that Valentine’s Day is for lovers, just for celebrating romance. I don’t. A long time ago, I adapted it as a day to celebrate love in a much broader sense – family and friends get cards and chocolate, too. Not only is this helpful during single times (or when dating the occasional clueless man), but really… why should there be limits to expressing warm ‘n fuzzies?

This year, I’m madly in love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I got to meet my lovies for the first time. This weekend, the kidlings and their parents came to Toronto and I’m smitten. I was besotted before, but now it’s quite overwhelming. It was nice to see Janne and John, as well, but let’s face it – for this first meeting, they were really just the Tink Delivery Team (TDT).

This is what I learned about the Tinks this weekend:

Morgan likes to be centre stage and becomes quite incensed when people have fun without her (and have already perfected the “Talk To The Hand” gesture). Liam is more laid-back and can hack not being part of the action, but only as long as his sister is close to him. Once she leaves (to partake of the fun), he’ll want to come, too.

Morgan likes to fly

And Liam looks like a future blackbelt.

Both are very good sleepers, managing to snooze through a smoke alarm and five adults laughing like hyenas.

Liam knows etiquette and Morgan is a messy eater.

Morgan takes after her mother, complete with long, slender hands and feet (we call them skis) and Liam takes after his father and his grandfather. Which is really cool, as John’s father died before we had a chance to meet him, so now I feel like I know him better.

Thank you, Janne and John, for making me a Moster to two such perfect children. Now I just have to work on you accidentally leaving them behind, so I can spend much more time with them.

(pictures that include me are taken by Janne)