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Kelly Haneklau said…
I just saw your story and I want to say you ARE a SUPER HERO! You are so brave and I admire you for the attitude you have and the things you are passionate about. In response to your bed quest-I agree with Donna, you NEED a Sleep Number bed! I have one and it has been a blessing! I'm thinking you could order it and have it sent to the store, have a friend in the states pick it up, then have the friend ship it to Toronto for you??!?!
Lene Andersen said…
Thank you so much, Kelly. I really appreciate the nice words you said about me. Also thanks for the recommendation about a Sleep Number mattress. It does sound like a great product, but I'm not comfortable ordering something I haven't tried out, and unfortunately I can't travel to the US.
tck said…
I guess this where you want to know how we are doing. Its a tough day today. Inflammation and pain really ramped up today especially wrists, hands and ankles.

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