Are There Gender Differences in RA?

It is fairly well known that rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects women more often than men, but are there other gender differences in the condition? My new slideshow for HealthCentral looks at differences and possible causes for this:

"There are many individual differences in how people experience rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It is possible to generalize some of these differences, especially based on gender. Many studies include that gender as a variable, and this means that it is possible to identify the differences between men and women and how they are affected by RA."

See the rest of the slideshow on gender differences in RA on HealthCentral. 


Rick said…
I believe almost all of the points made. I do wonder however if there is one other difference? I wonder if men seek treatment less often than women. One message that we say when we talk about the disease being more female-centric is that men may seek treatment or they may not be diagnosed if they do seek treatment. I do not know the answer.
cathy kramer said…
I definitely believe there is a connection between my cycle and how I feel. Plus, I would love for there to be more research and patient stories on how perimenopause and menopause affect RA.