“Because of you, the sun shines brightly here.”

That’s a quote from last year’s blogiversary post, posted exactly a year ago today. In it, I wrote about the amazing improvement it won’t take me 10 years to get back to normal in my health, strength, and stamina in the 10 years I had been blogging.

Ironically, here we are a year later, and I’m back to having just enough energy to drag myself through the day. I’m pretty sure I’ll get back to normal much faster than before, though.

I started blogging 11 years ago today, and it remains one of my favourite things. Being able to share my thoughts about life, the universe, and everything with all of you, and get your perspective on different topics is a privilege. It makes me think and laugh and I’m honoured that you pop by to read my words.

My recent experience with the ICU and the close-to-death thing made something else abundantly clear.

We are not just part of a community. We are family.

Some days after I woke up, The Boy told me that my sister had been posting updates about my condition on Facebook and showed me the comments. And I promptly dissolved into tears. Good tears.

So many people were sending healing thoughts, prayers, and love my way, and truth be told, it was a little overwhelming. Seeing actual proof of how many people cared deeply about how I was doing was wonderful. I could feel myself surrounded and supported by a collective of love and it gave me strength to fight my way back.

I’ve been home for almost 3 weeks now and so many people are continuing to send me love. I get messages, comments, cards, and sometimes a gift, and all of this continues to lift me up and to support me when I need. Physically I’m doing better every day, but the emotional impact is starting to hit. Your messages and comments help keep the memories of fear and darkness at bay.

 Hope is the things with feathers. Thank you so much
to Wren/Leslie for this wonderful artwork.

On this my 11th blogiversary, I am deeply grateful for you. Over this past decade and a bit, you have become a force for good in my life. You have sent me virtual hugs when I was sad, cheered me on when I came up with a new harebrained scheme for adventures, and supported me in all things. At no time has this been more clear than through my recent medical crisis, and the way you are continuing to support me in my recovery.

Without you, my life would be infinitely poorer. Thank you for being part of my family.


You are a light in the darkness, sweet Lene. I'm so glad you're still shining bright! Sending hugs and love. :o)
Linda Perkins said…
Lene, you have touched so many lives, including mine, with your honesty about both your struggles and your inspiring victories. I am honored to be a member of the RA blogging community with you. Glad you're doing OK, given all that you've been going through recently! Take care and God bless. - Linda
Du kan ikke få nok af søde kærlige tanker.
Krammer ab
Rick said…
Lene, I am so glad to your blog today. So many of us were concerned. You are the light, my friend. Welcome back, but take your time.