Share Your Story with Arthritis Research UK

Week in the UK.  Arthritis Research UK is a wonderful organization committed to find ways to prevent the onset of arthritis, develop a cure, and to transform the lives of those who live with the different types of arthritis

One of the biggest challenges in living with arthritis is that it’s hard to make others understand what it’s really like, day in and day out. For this week, they’ve developed a wonderful initiative to help break down the barriers to understanding between people with arthritis and the rest of the world.

Share Your Day is an online initiative in which people can pose a story of the challenges of living with arthritis and the triumphs, too, on the Arthritis Research UK site. Already, a lot of wonderful stories have been posted that shine a light on some incredible lives.

But that’s not all. Arthritis Research UK will use the stories you post to guide the research a fund in 2016. Pretty cool, huh?

This isn’t just for people who live in the UK — anyone can tell their story.

What will you post about?