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Um… hi. Remember me?

I know it’s been a while since you last heard from me and I apologize. The thing is, I’m taking August off to write the next Your Life with RA book (or at least part of it) and that’s required quite a bit of work to get ready. I could go into detail, but suffice to say it’s been a lot of writing (only 4 more days…). Well, that is when Lucy doesn’t insist on the cuddle. The Boy claims he pays her in Angus roast beef to make sure. I’ve started calling her The Enforcer.

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There has been so much writing that a) there hasn't been time for anything else is; and b) my brain is empty at the end of the day. I have several topics that I intend to blog about, but not the energy to actually do it. So instead, I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing in the past two weeks that hasn’t involved writing. Because I have taken some time off here and there.

As you may know, Toronto hosted the Pan Am Games and we are now on a two-week break until the Para Pan Am Games start on August 7. It’s been a great party, combining sports and an arts and culture festival called Panamania. Living downtown, so close to the Athletes' Village was a treat, as well. They weren’t hard to spot in the neighbourhood, always wearing their uniform with a identifying badge around the neck. The volunteers in their orange shirts were also easy to spot. 

The city was transformed and Nathan Phillips Square (in front of City Wall) became something else entirely. Three stages, with concerts every night or so, great artists celebrating Panamania, and the famous Toronto sign. It really did make you feel proud of the way the city has hosted the Games.

Living so close to one of the competition venues was also fun. Sugar Beach was transformed into an excellent sailing venue, lots of people  taking in what was happening in the harbour. I heard it was also a great experience for the competitors, who aren’t used to sailing so close to the audience and actually being able to hear the cheering. 

I did discover that I know nothing about sailing and the preliminary races were hard to understand. Once the medal events took place, we had a commentator and that made things much better. I was lucky enough to catch the metal race of the Hobie 16, which is completely crazy sailing, but I sort of want to try.

There were also a few long walks and both of them on the islands. I’ve become a little addicted to that space. During one of these walks, I re-discovered the wonder that is a cold bottle of Coca-Cola on a hot day. It’s been years since I’ve indulged in this caffeinated bubbly drink and I have no idea why I stopped. Maybe because it’s like battery acid in your stomach? Never mind, it’s tasty!

Another walk involved the Tinks invading the Islands this weekend. This happened during an interactive art festival, which was a lot of fun. The biggest hit was the hammocks — the kids were hard to get out of these wonderful contraptions. So was their mother.


Of course, the roller coaster (and other rides) in Centreville was a good draw, as well


Also this weekend, we had tickets to see Sandra Shamas, a fantastic Canadian comedian. It took place in a wonderful theatre in the Distillery District, also a Panamania site. That area at night is truly magical. And pretty cool during the day, as well.


So. That was me. What did you been doing in the past two weeks?


LynnM said…
Ah, cold Coke on a hot day. I haven't had either for years. Did you see the weather at St. Andrews for The Open? It's been colder here. I don't mind, though I do experience summer vicariously.

I got a free Prime trial and watched "The Imitation Game" last night. If August gives you any free time, you would enjoy that. Maybe "enjoy" isn't the right word.

Take care, and "see" you back blogwise in September!
Angela Brooks said…
Hi, I’ve been a long-time reader of your and just wanted to share something? Please email me back. Thanks!