Spring in the City

It's here. It's actually here. What so many of us were starting to doubt would ever arrive, finally did.

Spring. Yes, really. It's here. Want to see proof?

It's sunny and warm. For the last several days, I've made sure to take a lunchbreak and spent it in the neighbourhood with my camera. First, I went to the park.

And saw crocus. In abundance. I love that colour, a splash of brightness among the dead leaves left over from the Fall. (as usual, click to embiggen)

Another first! A yellowbellied sapsucker. In downtown Toronto. It never fails to amaze me how much nature is around us, if you look closely enough.

Every now and again, I meet the squirrel guy. He comes every day to feed the squirrels and by now, they come when he calls them. Who wouldn't with this kind of treat?

It's hard work getting through the shell. Afterwards, this wee one had a rest, basking in the sunlight.

On Sunday I took a walk by Sugar Beach. And there were people having brunch on a patio! Only Canadians would start patio season this early. This fluffball enjoyed the sun while waiting for its people (although I think it would have preferred having some of the bacon).

I mentioned on Twitter that there was liquid water. Fairly astonishing after months of a thick, frozen shell. I mean, will you look at this! The ferry's back in operation! And there are other boats! Sailing!!

Trust me. If you'd lived through this past Toronto winter, you'd be just as excited. And here's another reason to be excited: the cormorants are back. I'm already planning our next trip to the Ptui.

Sunday was a lovely, quiet day and the lake was full of waterfowl. Mostly those that winter in Toronto, although I saw some mallards and heard a goose, as well. I love the redbreasted merganser - the mohawk amuses me to no end

But my favourite is the longtailed duck. I love the colours, its shape, the diving, and that jaunty tail feather. I also love that this particular one gave me one of the best photos I've ever taken.

Are there signs of Spring in your area? And do you have a favourite bird?


Wren said…
Glorious photos of a glorious spring, Lene! Have a wonderful time on your next outing!

My favorite bird? The Stellar's jay. They fill the fir trees with raucous shouts all around my home in the mountains. I miss them. :)
Full Tilt said…
Beautiful photos...I live in a warm part of the world, so I prize the bits of winter we get. Though things are heating up a bit, I do notice more birdsong in the mornings and frog song in the evenings, especially after it rains. I also notice my joints seem to respond to changes in humidity and weather.