Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Last Thursday, I looked out my window and saw this in the courtyard below

A tree! With leaves!! I realized I hadn't seen such a thing for six months. 

SIX... MONTHS...! So naturally, I rushed out to take a photo of it. Y'know, to prove it happened. And then I sneezed. Damn nature with all the sex pollination going on. But I'll gladly put up with the sneezing, the stuffy nose, the endless crying, as long as it's because the world is turning green again.

Once the first tree with new leaves of Spring was documented, I wandered up to St. James Park to check on the tulips. The large beds are progressing nicely

and the daffodils were blooming


along with spots of intensely green stuff. 

More trees were pollinating

and some had let their leaves out just a little


The birds were also out in full force. Not quite sure what this one's thinking, but it does not appear impressed with me and my camera


These two were too busy courting to pay me any mind

And then, just as I was leaving: tulips. 

It's official, I think. Spring is here!


Diane said…
Let there be green! I just cannot express how happy I am to see green again.

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