Live Bold Live Now Launch!

Remember this?

Phto Credit: David Govoni
Three months ago, I had a film crew following me around for two days while I told my story of living with RA, the big flare and reinventing my life afterwards. And today, you can see the result of all the hard work!

Over the next few weeks, I'll write more about it and give you a behind-the-scenes look. But today, hop on over to HealthCentral to read my launch post:

"I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Live Bold Live Now project! In it, HealthCentral profiles three people who live with three different conditions — RA, Crohn’s and psoriasis — in a beautiful rich media project. I’m extra thrilled (and more than a little abashed) to tell you that I’m the subject of the RA profile. More on that in a minute.

Photo Credit: Health Central
Live Bold Live Now uses a new method of storytelling. Combining video, audio and still photography, rich media projects are engaging and compelling, truly making the subject come alive. Longer than the average Internet video — they are about 20 minutes long — each story is an immersive experience, taking you deep inside a life lived with chronic illness. The three profiles chronicle different conditions, but are very similar in that each of us have been on a journey that has at times veered into despair and what seemed like insurmountable obstacles. The stories also tell you how we found a path through to the other side, battling our way back to a better state of health, joy and to helping others get through life with chronic illness."

I hope you'll like it!


Trevor Tymchuk said…
Very cool!
Anonymous said…
It's gorgeous, happy to finally "meet" you!

Judith in Ottawa
Anonymous said…
Love it Lene! Thanks for telling your story and for so deftly speaking on behalf of the millions who live with RA everyday.
Marietta said…
Love your story!
No matter which browser I use I can't get chapter 5 of your story to work. ARGH.