A Very Tink Christmas

We were very lucky that our area wasn't affected by the icestorm for more than a day or two and didn't lose power, so we got to have Christmas right on schedule. Which naturally is Christmas Eve.

As usual, we all promised to not go haywire on the presents. As usual, we did

We ate dinner in the building's party room, which was a bit cold. Liam borrowed my hoodie, which made him look like a miniature Grim Reaper. He had a lot of fun with that.

We shall not discuss the aggravation of an 8 year old boy being able to wear your hoodie and it only being a little big for him.

After dinner, there was cuddling

and the requisite after dinner chase


When we came back upstairs to my mother's apartment, we found Muffin impatiently waiting by the presents


Carol singing came first. This is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. We each chose a Danish and an English carol and sing first and last verse of all of them, plus the one my dad always messed up. It makes it feel as if he's there, too. There's a lot of interesting interpretations of the Danish language by the Canadians and a lot of laughter


Then Ken and the Tinks don nisse huer (Santa hats) and dole out presents.

Janne and the kids slept over so we got do do it all over again on Christmas morning, to satisfy the half of them that's Canadian. And we woke up to this


Five centimetres (2 inches) of perfect fluffy, quiet Christmas snow!

And it's entirely possible the tissue paper was the best gift of all

I hope you all had a magical Christmas!



AlisonH said…
How on earth did they get to be eight already? And what a joyful celebration--love love loving it.
Eileen said…
I was thinking about you when they talked about the ice storm on the news. That may have been preferable to the floods the UK suffered though.Ice doesn't ruin house in quite the same way and the electricity goes off whatever.

Happy New Year Lene!