For the entire month of August, I will be on sabbatical from HealthCentral. This is my main day job, and one that I love passionately. That passion has a tendency to translate into a lot of work and to be fair, not just for HealthCentral. I wear a lot of hats and together, they take up the vast majority of my available time and energy. A couple of months ago, I added another freelance gig with The Aurora Foundation of Southern Arizona doing something incredibly exciting and by then, I was over capacity. Having a grand time, but still somewhat overworked.

And that meant no writing.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. I wasn't ready to dive into Book Two, so it was nice to spend a few months focusing on something else altogether. But the itch has been growing and the only way I can scratch it is by creating time. That meant a sabbatical and thankfully, my wonderful Producer told me to go right ahead and do what I need to do.

What I need to do is write. And spend time in the park doing nothing. For the next month, I'll get to do that.

Well, mostly. There is job #2 and I'm working on a really cool thing for September and yes, it's entirely possible I need to do some research on what the words "sabbatical" and "vacation" actually mean. Still, it will be the closest I can get to both and I can’t wait.

I've been anticipating this, counting down the days and the soundtrack in my mind has been looping the chorus of this song

I have no idea if the song actually reflects the concept of my August, but yeah.



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