Family Day Tinks

In between this past weekend's madness of getting The Book ready to launch, we had a wonderful respite in the form of a Tink visit. There's nothing like two 7-year-olds to blow stress and lists out of your mind and just focus on the present.

We went for lunch at a local pub.While waiting for the food, the kids mauled Janne

Morgan and I shared some confidential information

Photo by Janne/Tink/Mama

Liam showed off a Blob Fish 

While Janne and Morgan looked on

Eventually, the kids' got tired of waiting for the food and started gnawing on each other

After lunch, we went back to my mother's place and the kids mauled The Boy. Here Morgan's trying to hear if the wind from the small fan moves through David's head from one ear to the other

Practising for the trapeze


And Liam investigates the fan in more detail



Vanessa Collins said…
Awwwwwww. Thanks for the smiles, Lene. Looks like lovely family day.
AlisonH said…
Seven! How did they get to be seven! Adorable as always; I love it. Thank you to the tinks for the big smile on my own face now!
jdhugheswriter said…
Terrific monochrome pix, Lene - really like them :)
RAJ said…
Love the pics Lene. There is nothing like kids to brighten you day and mine. Thanks for sharing. :)