User's Choice Awards

The Arthritis Foundation is currently accepting nominations for their User's Choice Awards. These awards will be giving out to products and services that work well for people living with arthritis.Categories include cell phone, weight management, car, hotel, health plan and so on.

Nominations are open until Sunday, October 21, so hop on over and nominate your choices!



jenny said…
I'm about to move to a more accessible house. Yay! I'm hiring movers, of course, because I can't move myself. But I'm trying to save money by packing and unpacking on my own, and I'll probably need to arrange some furniture after the movers leave.

Do you (or the Arthritis Foundation) have any suggestions for tools that might help with packing and moving?
Lene said…
congratulations on finding a more accessible house, Jenny!

In terms of tools that can help you, I don't know much. The Arthritis Foundation has a program called Ease of Use with a large number of products that are arthritis-friendly. You may be able to find something that can help you on the Ease of Use website here Another tip that might be helpful is to think about different ways of doing different tasks. For instance, put the box you're packing on a chair so you don't have to bend to put things in it. If you can, pack a little every day for several weeks leading up to the move - it means more or less living in boxes during that time, but is easier on your body than doing it all in one or two days.

I think the best "tool" for helping with packing and moving is another human being. Can your family and friends help? If not, you may be able to find volunteers in the community through e.g., your church (if you have one) or talk to your family doctor's nurse - they often know what's available in the community that may be helpful to you.