Not About RA

Well, that was a bit more than a flurry, wasn’t it? I think the last few weeks qualified to officially be named a perfect storm o’ work. And the really quite amazing thing was that I got through words without giving myself an injury - well, not a work-related one, anyway. We shall not speak of the fan that fell on my leg on Saturday.

Although I have been in quite some degree of awe at just how much my body put up with in the past couple of weeks (and last week in particular), I will not speak of it today. Not just because after the Arthritis Awareness Month storm, I think we've all had our fill of anything related to arthritis, RA or awareness for a little while. This is very true, at least on my end, but today is also the first day of my vacation. Well, the first weekday, anyway.

For the next several days, I will not be working. Which isn't quite true, either, because there is that last rewrite to tackle, but I will not be working like a madwoman and that's pretty much the same thing. In amongst the (re)writing, there will be a lot of reading - today, I plan to finish The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley, a lovely, gentle and romantic time travel book and right after that, I'm diving into Blackout, the last book in the Newsflesh zombie trilogy by Mira Grant. Y’know… for contrast. In between, I'll be found in front of the TV watching season two of Borgen (there might be a post in there sometime), playing with the cat, catching up with friends and, when the weather cooperates, in the place with this view



AlisonH said…
Have a wonderful vacation, Lene!
abcsofra said…
Ewwww....ewwww...vacation. Have some R&R and some fun :-)