Lunch with the Tinks

Last week was March break here in Ontario and my sister brought the kids for a lovely lunch and a visit.

Liam has joined the race to adult teeth and then some, losing both bottom front teeth and one at the top

Time for a serious chat sister to bother 

Mormor and Liam playing squares


Morgan caught in the Spring sun


The restaurant was getting new furniture for the patio and naturally, it needed to be tested and kid-approved


Then we went to say hi to Lucy and these two fell in love with each other

Throughout the visit, I kept remembering my sister at that age and up. I remembered meals and games and just hanging out, the two of us building a bond that cannot be broken. 

There is a trust between siblings that you never quite fine with anyone else, the shared history of growing up together blending you into one. You may look like different people leading different lives, but not too far under the surface, you are one unit and nothing will ever truly come between you. For the rest of your life, you know that there is one other person in the world will always be there for you. I see the kids in the beginning of this journey, of having their own little world together, the shorthand that no one else quite understands. I see the bond between them shining like a rope of gold. Your siblings will never not be your siblings. And if you are lucky, they will also be your friend.
I am very lucky, because Janne is both my sister and my friend.

Happy birthday, l'il sis!



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