Christmas Shenanigans

Coming up for air after a weekend of immersion in the Christmas spirit is an oddly disconcerting experience. It's back to work and I'd much rather stay within the warmth and joy of what in Danish is called Julehygge. In other words, hygge specific to Jul (Christmas). It's a good place to be.

The Boy and I started early on Friday (aka Lille Juleaften - Little Christmas Eve) and went to the Distillery District to see the giant Christmas tree. walking through the narrow alleys, around the old buildings and rattling across uneven cobblestones made it feel much more authentic, almost Danish.

Saturday morning, we opened a few presents and gave Lucy some tissue paper. She is very, very fond of tissue paper.

In the evening, we all congregated at my mother's for an evening filled with wonderful food, companionship and everything else that makes for a perfect Christmas. This year, it included a visit from a very small vampire. No, not really, this photo was taken during an extended part of the dinner when it all deteriorated into making fart noises. Surprisingly hysterical.

After dinner, Ken entertained the kids while others cleaned up

And then there was carol singing, in both English and Danish.Scott, Michele's youngest, joined us for the first time and jumped up right in, singing along in a language he's never seen before and based on his ability to pronounce these strange words, we suspect he may have been Danish in a past life.

He also brought a big Rubbermaid container filled with Lego to pass on from him to the kids. The rest of us had a hard time not diving into the pile

Morgan got a puppy. Battery-operated, but still a huge hit. She pronounced it "the best present!"

 Liam has lost his first teeth and was very proud

And at the end of the night, a Christmas cuddle.