Random January

Big deadline tomorrow (about which more shall be revealed later this week) combined with an irritated shoulder makes this Random post a little short. Before I get going on the link-o-rama, I’d like to respond to a couple of comments from a couple of recent posts.

Thanks for regarding who suggested alternate names for Gilbert/Ramona – I haven't had a chance to run them by him/her yet, but will keep you posted on the progress. And to Tine Beest who offered to research how to find out the sex of a dragon, I can say nothing by thank you and if you seriously want to spend your time on this, I am more than happy to wait until May - the idea that there may be information on this in Chinese medical text (which I assume is what the Materia Medica is) has me agog with curiosity.

In respect to the vagueness about the agency that is messing with my life, Julie asked if I could give more details to enhance understanding. Unfortunately not right now, perhaps in future and yes, I am considering all options. I'd also like to thank you all for your concern - it helps to feel the support.

And now for the links!

Mor sent me a fascinating video about a giant Yosemite Slurpie and Janet forwarded the Best Ramp Sign Ever. Do you have an autoimmune disease? Bad allergies? Laurie sent me an interesting way of addressing that problem. And I have no intention of trying it. The teeth are one thing, but that quote about then just sort of "walking out" is still giving me the shudders.

Trevor's contribution this month include a brilliant flowchart to determine whether something is food, a story about a gorilla that walks like a person and a tale from the Disney trenches. He also sent me five terrifying online trends that were invented by the news media and while we are in media-related nonsense, and Arkansas store has decided to no longer protect tender eyes from the reality of Elton John's face lift. Okay, they were protecting the impressionable from something else, but what did the man do to his face??

The Boy sent me this link to before and afters of cats found by animal shelters in various bad conditions. The photos hurt your heart, make you happy and also, I've had to fight the urge to go to the nearest shelter and adopt 17 cats. And speaking of newly adopted, here's one that's a definite child of Basement Cat. A fantastic scarf, fallout from the Angry Birds obsession - did you see the trailer for Angry Birds in Rio? - and the best custom car paint job I've ever seen. If you're colorblind, you may be able to relate to this one and you will definitely want to watch this video - of course, most of the "Hey Ash, whatcha playing/” videos are. And into the political, a video about a rainbow conspiracy (I had no idea and I'm glad I watched it), Stephen Colbert on Sarah Palin (the most brilliant analysis of her video in the wake of the Arizona shootings I've seen) and lastly, "we will not be silenced" - from Egypt.


AlisonH said…
Yosemite was fascinating. Ice is frazile: handle with chair and come watch the show, taking it all in.

The scarf was too funny--and did you see the clock behind him? A miniature of a miniature trampoline?

Stephen Colbert, ya done good, and thank you whoever for providing a transcript.Reading then watching, knowing what was coming and truly appreciating the delivery of those words--well done.

I saved the Egypt link for last. Wow. Powerful use of music, powerful images. God bless those people and us all in their struggle for a revolution of peace.
Kitten said…
for the love of all that's holy please tell me the rainbow lady was kidding.