Another Kind of Random August

I've been sitting here, staring at an empty Word document for quite a while now, having a hard time coming up with something. Truth be told, I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. I have another Word document filled with links and notes for the August Random post, but my shoulders won't permit it - yes, you read that right, instead of my right shoulder not behaving, it's now both shoulders who are acting out. Joined by both elbows. In other words, my ability to be at the computer has gone from limited to minimal.

Now, I could write about the pain again, but to be honest, I am bored by it. Well, that's not honest. The reality is that I've had just about enough. I forget how long it's been really bad, but I think it's somewhere in the neighborhood of three months and I may have run out of coping mechanisms. And when all I want to do is alternate between stomping the floor while screeching it's not fair and curl up in a ball, whimpering, it's next to impossible for anything else to get around those two impulses in my brain and come to the forefront enough that I can write about it. And doing the links in the Random August post would kill me completely, so instead, this will be the minimalist version, with a few treats from that post and a thank you.

First, the thank you. Which goes out to Andrew and Sara who both awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award in this past month, something that warmed during a very frustrating time.

And when I bounce back from this latest trip into hell, I'll pass it on.

Finally, someone did a study showing that marijuana helps pain. Not that the throngs of people who use it for that purpose didn't already know this, but having an actual study helps. It might make it easier to get a doctor to sign the application for medical marijuana and reduce the stigma.

Janet told me about the Bechdel for Women in Movies and since she did, I haven't been able to not use it when watching a movie.

In the bundle of things forwarded to me by Trevor, there were two that I especially wanted to share and since I can't decide between them, you get both. Peanut butter proves the theory of evolution wrong and an utterly charming interspecies moment between otters and a girl.

I ran up against the same conundrum with David's links, so here’s voice recognition in Scotland and the best short story ever.


Catherine said…
Regarding the Bechdel test.  While I agree that it is distrubing, I had an in depth (yes I am a geek) conversation about it the other day which posed an interesting question.  Is this a reflection on a lack of depth in female characters in movies or simply a lack of depth in secondary characters in movies.  If you think about secondary characters, how many of them have any meaningful conversations with each other about anything other then the main character(s) (who is/are overwhelmingly male).  This then raises a whole other question about why lead characters are all male, but we won't go there.  Is it also simply a reflection on the lack of strong characters (male or female) in modern popular movies? I would hazard a guess that yes, indeed, it is.  Here is an interesting article about one woman's thoughts onthe difference between strong female characters and strong characters, female  Just some thoughts and none of them invalidate Bechdel but it is interesting to dig a little deaper.
AlisonH said…
No no no, light, yes, but heat on the peanut butter? Only on days like today and if the AC breaks at the grocery store.

I had a penguin play like that once at Monterey, copying and following me and throwing its head back and waggling its jaws when I laughed. Otterly delightful.
Diane said…
Our daughter had ostriches follow her at a farm one time.  It was pretty funny, although a little alarming considering their size.

May I suggest that you have lots of friends who would come be your fingers, arms, elbows & shoulders while you mend?  I would be there if it weren't for the 3-1/2 hr. commute (not counting border delays).
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