Random May

Access is everywhere or rather, should be everywhere, but at many faith-based gatherings, people with disabilities tend to be shunted off somewhere or we're trotted out and healed for the entertainment of the masses. Except, sometimes you see something that really makes you happy. Way to show leadership.

Amazing photos from a German festival celebrating Gothic romanticism, a UK broadcaster invents a new form of English, a plea for a return of yesteryear that I can heartily get behind and what the international media learned about Toronto in preparation for the G20. If you’ve ever been tempted to go to open houses to see how it people decorate their homes, here’s the website for you.

You all know how I feel about That Song. And now, thanks to Brass and Ivory, I've found All the Wrinkled Ladies, which is awesome and so apropos of my May 12 post. And while we are celebrating how real women look, check out this article about the first Pink Tartan store to open in Toronto. No, actually more specifically, check out the link to the designer, the pictures of their most recent collection and I couldn’t even focus on the clothes, all I could see where the legs of the models. Matchsticks. Complete matchsticks. How underweight do you have to be for you legs look like that and why is that held up as beautiful?

Recent research shows that mice have the same kind of pain faces as people do, which should have interesting and far reaching implications in research. There is no segue for this, but Rob Salem from the Toronto Store writes about a movie that’s so bad it’s good. And you know how we all think it’s a good idea to practice gratitude? Someone decided to creat a blog around that concept. An entirely wonderful blog that’s a fantastic way to start your day (this is one of my favourite entries so far).

Ken linked to this piece on race and white privilege phrased in a way where you cannot help but see things in a slightly different light. Carrie was on a bit of an archaeology kick, posting links to articles aboutrecent Egyptian sites, one on 57 ancient tombs and the other one on the underwater excavation of Cleopatra’s palace. Carrie also found this post then updated the traditional (ineffectual and quite stupid) pain scale.

From Trevor, the best wedding invite ever and another brilliant ramp. Also, information about Victorian body snatching (haven’t you always wondered?), the cruelty of children, a truly awesome shirt that I wish they made in adult sizes, a visit to a crystal cave that will blow your mind and the line of the year.

David sent me the wonderful article about how the Republicans got introduced to the Internet and staying with the media, a headline that probably made everyone’s day at the New Scientist (probably only NSFW if you work in a religious order), this one made my day – haven’t even read the article, just keep going back to the photo and a note from the Queen on the use of English. In Greece, they’re so committed to political activism and protest that even the dogs get into it, how you know your mom doesn't love you best and a really interesting article about speech recognition software. Lastly, two brilliant videos: first, sadly relevant what with BP’s catastrophe in the Gulf (have you seen the live video?), the front fell off, a satirical take on a tanker disaster and a sublime bit of very clever silly to end the month and start your week.