Random January

Attempting gradual shift into normal with the monthly link-o-rama…

Starting with a paragraph about being offended. A group in Nashville wants to censor Shakespeare and a school in southern California bans…. the dictionary?? And who is the filthy-minded adult who looked up the offending term? Some idiots are trying to create an all-white baseball league and there are Bible verses on combat weapons. I don't even know where to start with that.

Next, it's all about cats. First, I love them - they have such confidence. They can also be gift wrapped (although I couldn't see Her Royal Catness assenting to that particular practice), like playing with household tools (sent to me by John/TinkPapa) and, sent to me by Jason, should probably not be translated or we'd all feel really stupid.

The best viral videos of 2009, which really ought to include this one of a man walking under the influence and failing miserably. Images from Google View in Canada, a story about left shoe theft (sent to me by both John and Trevor), dolphin prosthetics and Janet sent me this one about a rather literal interpretation of the concept of a handicap drop off zone.

More from Trevor: banished words, a lovely sign at a disabled parking spot, an adapted wheelchair that I would really, really like to try, the British Royal Marines invade the wrong country and a rather sobering tattoo commercial.

This month, David's contributions include the 19th century example of not a viral video, but a viral food, the headline of the year and why you shouldn't go grocery shopping after dark. Dave Foley (from The Kids in the Hall) explains the difference between Canada and the US, a rather brilliant review of a Stanley keychain with light and tripod (seriously, go read it, you won't regret it), an epik beard and the Khan Academy, which may be what are the most useful things I've ever posted - free video tutorials for students (or parents helping with homework) on pretty much anything. In the world of nature, turkeys stand in for an adoring mob screaming your name (I'm not sure if I want someone out there to translate what's going on or if it's much better not knowing), photos of sand dunes from outer space (so gorgeous), the ultimate treehouse and an article about deep thinking dolphins (Douglas Adams might be right). And lastly, why the Danes are the least insane of the Scandinavian nations.