Random October

Before we get to the silly, a brilliant piece found via Broadsides describing women’s experience when meeting men they don’t know: Schrödinger’s Rapist. Yes, it really is like that.

And on healthcare reform, Paul Hipp sings about international standings, a wonderful animated presentation of the reform argument in a nutshell (found on Nilchance) and Patti posted a link to Roger Ebert writing about extremism and the lunatic fringe.

And after that, we could all use a little silly, so here's the Trampoline Dog (found over at Gaina's), check out what's happened to automotive safety over the last 50 years or so and Carrie sent the video of the dancing baby which almost makes That Song (the name by which I refer to Beyonce's Single Ladies) tolerable. And then I found this article from Time mentioning how not only did the video when Best Song at Nickelodeon's Kids’ Choice Awards (and someone please restrain me from having a rant about kids choosing as best song this pile of patriarchal idiocy with accompanying semi-pornographical dreck of a video), but the alleged reporter - aren't you supposed to think for yourself instead of merely parroting others to be a reporter? - writing the piece refers to it as the "female-independence anthem" and that's the point where I need sedation ("say I'm the one you own" hardly qualifies as INDE-FREAKIN'-PENDENCE, does it now?) and before I start foaming at the mouth again, I'm moving onto this piece about the latest WTF lawsuit.

This month, Trevor contributed a wonderful ad, a picture of a foundation that seems a little out of touch with its mandate, another one of a truly multitasking business and It Made My Day (look forward to losing hours of your life).

LynnM sent two great links: Art in a war zone and a sign language language special (stuffed sweet apostle was my favorite).


urkainian army
see more Political Pictures

is supposedly soldiers in the Ukranian army. How on earth are you supposed to fight in miniskirts and heels? Huh??

David(G) contributed a bit of a flurry. Best landscape photography of 2009 (seems a little UK-centric and is 2009 over already?) and best buds. An illustration of what happens when you procrastinate, that ad with the step piano (why aren't all staircases like that), John Lloyd talks about the invisible (really interesting), building the Triumph Rocket III and the humping parrot - keep an eye out for that series, it's incredible. And since the exhibit is coming down tomorrow, here’s a panorama taken/created by David of the thing. Click to embiggen or check out the set on my Flickr page.

Have a great weekend!


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