Random May

Mercury Retrograde update:

Tuesday: Dave comes to adjust a few things on the speeds, brake adjustment, sensitivity, etc., generated by the new controller that have been aggravating my arm. We do something called a "joystick throw". This ends up messing severely with the arm problem. Dave comes back, attempts to fix, it doesn't work. I arrange for another service call to put my old controller back on (might as well, as it's clearly not a controller problem)

Thursday: Dave comes again, equipped with numerous pieces of troubleshooting equipment. Realizes the switch to turn on the chair and shift between the speeds feels 'gummy', gives a WD-40, does a little happy dance in anticipation that this will solve the problem. It doesn't. We try another joystick, same problem. We tried new extension cables, same problem. Dave called Invacare (manufacturer), they feel certain it's a controller issue and when reminded that the loaner worked fine on other chairs, feel the loaner could have the same problem. Dave and I snort derisively. Loaner controller will return to the shop to get tested and we'll try again next week. After sitting with my arse off the floor for almost 1 1/2 hours (again), my back is unhappy. Arm is also unhappy, needing several more days to heal.

Given that I have spent a large amount of time this week dedicated to wheelchair nonsense and healing from same, I'm going for the silly again today. Link-o-Rama.

Remaining within the disability world for a moment, a wheelchair user recently attempted to rob a bank. Which is extremely silly - not only are you very recognizable, but if they can catch you at a fast walk, your chances of success are unlikely (and no, I haven't given this any thought at all, why do you ask?). And Trevor sent me a link to an massive misunderstanding of what accessibility means.

Now you can shower in scent all day. Um... I was kidding about the bathing in it, not making a suggestion.

The best commercial I’ve seen in a while.

In the news (one item somewhat belatedly): It’s JUST MUSTARD. Afghanistan quarantines its only pig during swine flu fears and Janne/TinkMama sent me this story about a Chihuahua that goes for a flight (and I cruelly laughed until I cried).

When I was a kid, our neighbour had a model railroad set up in a room dedicated to this hobby and I was always slightly envious. That was merely a baby compared to this.

DavidG sent me a brilliant column called The Immigration Fallacy and a translation that made my day. While we are on music, one of Stephen King's recent columns in Entertainment Weekly was about earworms and I'm not even going to mention That Song in case it gets stuck in my head again. Instead, I'll link you to the song King mentioned in his column which is a somewhat more pleasant experience to hum for days.

And lastly, from the brilliant minds behind the Engineer's Guide to Cats comes a tutorial on advanced cat yodeling. More videos from these twisted, funny guys here.